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The Final Chapter is proud to say that we have a 98% NCLEX passing rate for all of our students.”

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The success of “The Final Chapter” is due to a combination of thoroughly and systematically teaching the material and instructing students on the variety of questions that are generated from the material. In addition; my students and I practice many strategies responding to hundreds of these questions, during which they are imparted with test taking skills that highlight NCLEX style questioning. Students are given this unique opportunity to learn the material and practice questions using a variety of learning styles.

Why choose Final Chapter NCLEX tutors?

  • All of our NCLEX instructors are Master’s Degree Certified
  • One-on-one training to focus more on individual needs
  • We have a 98% NCLEX Passing Rate!
  • Convenient Broward Location
  • Mobile tutoring
  • We train for LPN, RN, and CNA

1st: NCLEX material is thoroughly taught by Master’s Degree Certified Instructors!

Final Chapter NCLEX Tutoring services promise to give all students the necessary tools to take and PASS your NCLEX exam.

In our NCLEX program, we will discuss and study every detail of the nursing process and equip you with the know how to PASS the NCLEX Exam with confidence and move on to become a successful nurse!

2nd: Proven NCLEX Test Studying Strategies!

Your Tutoring sessions include a detailed and clear path on how to prepare for the NCLEX. Let us guide you on how to ABC Theory, Maslow Theory, Nursing Process, Elimination Process, and many more Strategies to take and PASS your NCLEX Exam!

3rd: One-on-One Private Tutoring Sessions

Final Chapter NCLEX Tutoring registered nurses are here for you with out-of-class, phone, email, and text message support. We will be there for you until you take and PASS your NCLEX Exam!