• The selfish part of me wants more night classes, but your health and family comes first. So I’d be happy to sit at any time frame available. You are great at breaking down content. – Menard
  • Is the best teacher, good and very nice. – D. Acosta
  • Very helpful study tips on the website! Explains everything clearly. -J. DeLaRosa
  • The best professor. -Marie & Perez
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  • I am very happy to have had you as my NCLEX review professor. -Y. Gonzalez
  • The class was wonderful, I did not know a lot of material becuase my school covered Med Serg I &II in 12 weeks. So my understanding of the material was very limited. I am so happy I came to this review. Will be attending a couple more classes before I sit for the NCLEX. -G. Virg
  • I did not know about the review until a friend of mine passed with 75% after she failed twice prior. I am blessed to have come across Mrs. Riggs. She is a breeze of fresh air and her laugh is very contagious. I am so glad I found the night course. In this course I learned some information I had never heard of in my nursing school. She is Game! – F.M.
  • This was a very imformative and excellent review class. We know you can not do nights, but if you can squeeze one in. Please do not forget about me, if I need it, Thank you so much. Great Review! -T. Jennings
  • Keep up the good work. -S. Colesrooke
  • You are the best teacher I have ever had. -D. Cuellar
  • Great course! Very helpful and Mrs. Riggs knows her stuff. So glad I found this Course! – Kalia
  • Thank you for a great overall review, it was a much needed refresher course for the things i had forgotten. -T. Thompson
  • The class was an awesome experience for me. I took the review with Mrs. Riggs and was uncertain of the knowledge I held to take the Nclex. This time around, I am more confident I will pass the exam. Keep up the good work. -L. Lysse
  • You explain things in such a simple way, that it easy to understand. Thank you so much. -B. Fonte
  • I learned a lot in this class and I wish Mrs. Riggs was my instructor in nursing school. I truly did not think I would need to take a review class to pass the NCLEX. After sitting through one of the review classes, I realized how much more prepared I could be to sit for the test. Thank you! May god keep blessing you. – L. Foster
  • I will be referring a lot of students to you. Thank you so much, it was phenomenal. I learned so much. -S. Desir
  • After attempting and failing my board exam, I decided to reach out to Mrs. Riggs for NCLEX tutoring assistance. Once I started her course, I discovered how much I truly needed her insight! She adjusted my studying skills to focus primarily on the notes provided during her lecture. Not only did she demonstrate how to study effectively, she provided me with a bountiful amount of studying resources including but not limited to nursing mnemonics, easy to learn patho, and practice questions. She made studying for the NCLEX seem easy! Thanks to her course, I was able to pass my board exam. Although I was able to pass right after finishing her course, it was comforting knowing that in the event that I failed, I would be able to take her course again. From start to finish, Mrs. Riggs fully supported each student in her class. I would highly recommend any prospective RN or LPN to pursue her course.
    Maryna Hongvanthong  RN


  • Thank you Professor Riggs for all your help, after two failed attempts on the nclex your guidance helped me pass the 3rd time. I will recommend you to fellow students. Vanessa Ossa RN
  • May 12th, 2014 – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to the following students on PASSING THE NCLEX this week. I am very HAPPY for you. Please let me know if you need anything else. Mrs. Riggs






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  • Ms. Riggs, you are so true. I hope I make it this time.  I am so happy to have met you and have you as my instructor. – N. Theodore


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